New Cinema Project’s internal teams

The New Cinema Project is a pretty big venture, requiring expertise in many different fields. When we had the luck of having existing companies taking care of these aspects, we incorporated them in our venture – when we weren’t that lucky, we had to create our own teams ourselves.

In this page, you’ll find out more about them.

Minerva business intelligence

Minerva is the goddess of strategy, justice and victory.

As such, that’s the name of our business intelligence department.


  • Marketing
    • (This one is pretty self explanatory)
  • Behavioural sciences research
    • A full scientific research team, providing behavioural sciences insights to all the departments requiring said expertise (e.g. Arts department for scriptwriting, marketing for planning, project management for planning, etc….)
  • Project management
    • Providing project management systems to the entire NCP – from internal administrative teams to the arts production ones.
  • Business development
    • Charting the strategies with which evolve the New Cinema Project – from partners acquisitions to cinematographic IPs development.


Tetrahedron is our concept arts development team


  • Story writing
    • It is beyond us how concept artists are not involved in the story writing process: their arts talent is vital to develop IPs around valid artistic concepts.
  • Concept arts
    • Engineering design
      • Civil engineering
      • Military engineering
      • Futuristic engineering (science fiction)
    • Creature design
    • Environment design
  • Arts production development
    • Our concepts are developed according to our current arts production capabilities, so as to make sure we always take full advantage of them – and we don’t go further than we can too either
      • Practical and props design
        • Static props (e.g. Fake guns)
        • Moving props (e.g. Animatronics)
      • Computer graphics
        • 2D
        • 3D